48 hours in Vancouver

After an invigorating 5 days in Whistler, we’re back in Vancouver, for just 2 nights.  I had lots of things on my ‘wish list’ but although it is rare, it’s snowing again.   It’s actually an uncomfortable mix of snow and rain, which turns the streets into a slushy icy mess.  The weather thwarts our great plan of cycling around Stanley Park, with it closed to cyclists.  We revert to plan b, and take a taxi around.  It really is an incredible jewel in the city, right on the harbourfront with views across the city to the mountains.   Our taxi driver is also a keen photographer, so knows and is happy to stop in all the best spots.

Stanley Park

Granville Island

He drops us off to Granville Island – the entire trip was just $40 – I have been amazed this whole trip at how reasonable all the prices are.  Our dollar is almost on par with the Canadian – we have found ‘living’ here to be much cheaper than at home.

The markets at Granville Island are filled with delicious stall holders, selling all the Canadian classics – poutine anyone – alongside food from around the world.  I do a little giggle with one of the stallholders – a kiwi guy selling Dream Lemon bars – that kiwi staple with crushed biscuits and condensed milk.  He’s doing a great trade.

Because of the weather, our exploring is a little thwarted, and really, it’s time for a little ‘Mum’ time anyway, so it’s to the shops we head.    Robson Street and downtown Vancouver have plenty to fill our suitcases with, and most importantly, the shops are warm and dry.

My ‘selfless’ choice of holiday doesn’t seem so selfless anymore.  I absolutely fell in love with Whistler – the scale of its beauty, the warmth and atmosphere of the village, and the air that is totally invigorating.   And Amen to my snow boots!



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