Impress your friends with these delicious apple roses …

The apple roses ‘crop’

We had a lovely afternoon Sunday at our crop, with some stunning pages created.  I’m bummed I forgot to photograph them – we were all so excited photographing the apple roses!!

Nina told us all a story of her ‘apple roses’ at our last crop, and they sounded so good, that I promised to make them this month.  So I did!  They seem to have been on trend at the moment – this apple roses video is popping up on my facebook feed all the time.

Here’s mine – this is before they went in the oven – they looked quite pretty even then right?

apple roses before

They actually rolled very easily, and looked good even before they went into the oven.


Do try this at home
Do try this at home

And this is after – before consumption!  Yum yum!

Make the apple roses yourself and impress your friends

If you’d like to try your hand at them also, here’s the link to the recipe (which is a short video).

I’d love to hear how yours turn out. :)


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