Can you see the ‘sneaky peek’ …. ???

backyard boys

Sunday morning I spent in my happy place – sitting creating in my albums.  These photos have been sitting on my desk for sometime, but other projects/things keep taking priority, so I decided Sunday was my time.  I can tell you it was blissful – I still remember this day (although it was some years ago now) – the photos bring me a lot of joy, as did the process of creating the page.

And whilst I used a few favourites, I also broke open a yet to be released stamp set – can you work out where/what it is??

Other materials used are; Pacifica, Colonial White and Glacier Blue cardstock, Black Arrow, Gold Polka Dots & Lagoon Hearts Washi tape, the stamp set from the Brushed WOTG (D1623) with Pacifica Ink, and ????, in Flaxen Ink.


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