Colouring is SO on trend …

Adult colouring is ALL the rage right now – one of the key ‘reasons’ is it’s therapeutic qualities.  WE all know that pretty much any type of crafting delivers those same therapeutic qualities.  But what I love about both scrapbooking and cardmaking, is that is has a purpose.  That for me is more of a ‘stress release’ than colouring in a book – because I know that as well as the benefits and joy it delivers whilst I’m ‘doing it’, in my albums I’m creating a legacy for my family, and with my cards, I’m creating something with heart, and it’s going to save me $5-10 on some crappy store bought card.

So if you’ve thought about rushing out and getting in the colouring book trend, hold that thought for just a minute.  How about you just extend yourself in the projects you’re currently doing, and do a little colouring there.  We have some beautiful ways to colour – watercolour pencils, Shin Han alcohol markers, and being released tomorrow (shhh), are watercolour paints.

The Shin Han markers deliver vibrant colours – and you can just colour in the lines with great results.  But there are some very skilled people out there, who make colouring a true art.  Michelle Smith is one of these ladies.  Below is the link to a tutorial from Michelle, which will extend your colouring skills just a little.  It’s so simple, anyone can do it, and these techniques will really help your colouring POP!

Click HERE for three great little videos.


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