Creative Club

How would you like more ‘bang for your buck’ and more productivity for your time?

Welcome to my new CREATIVE CLUB!

Creative Club is my new initiative to save you money and time, and get you creating and finishing projects.  Book into my events to ensure you’re trying new products and ideas, and progressing your projects.

My Creative Club is set up to reward you hostess rewards for your loyalty and spend with me.  Here’s how it works;

You may join the club at any time and there is no commitment to stay in the club for any length of time or to place an order.  Each person who signs up for this club will have their name added to the bottom of the hostess list. The person whose name is on the top of the list will get the hostess rewards that month. In order for your name to keep its “place” on the list, you must place a $50 minimum order whether you attend the crop that month or not. If you do not place a $50+ order that month, then your name goes down to the bottom of the list. If you do place a $50+ order, then your name continues to move up the list.

Club members will also receive:

  • A free Seasonal Expressions book
  • Free Hostess Rewards during your hosting month! (there will be more than one hostess each month!!)
  • Optional monthly classes with project kits!
  • Opportunity to hold a home workshop, gathering, or catalog party to boost your hostess benefits!
  • Other freebies and surprises…

Contact me at to join, or for more information, or to sign up for next month’s class.