CTMH launches new product book – Holiday Expressions

September is a very exciting month, as CTMH has launched their new product book – Holiday Expressions.

For many this is always their most exciting book of the year, as it contains Christmas product – and who doesn’t get excited by Christmas?!!

But along with Christmas, there is much to be excited about with this new book.   This book heralds a move away from CTMH’s traditional ‘system’.  Rather than having an annual book, and 3 seasonal, THIS is the new and only book, so it contains both seasonal products, alongside all the basics and essentials.

There are 5 beautiful new product ‘suites’ and a new paper product line to complement these, called Seasons Mix Ins.  I will admit that this is one of my favourites from this book.

I’d like to share the 5 product suites with you now, focusing on the Workshop Your Way kits for each of these.  A Workshop Your Way kit contains all of the components of the product suite (paper, complements & embellishments), with a full colour cutting guide to complete 3 double page layouts (6 pages).  You can choose to create the pages or not, but it’s the most economical way of buying the full range.  (And personally, I love the layouts and guide.)

First up, we have the beautiful Boutique range.

The Boutique Workshop Your Way collection

But here’s where CTMH have thrown in a little twist!  You will receive not one set of layout instructions in this kit, but two!  Why two I hear you ask?  Because with this kit, there is the standard option, and a DELUXE option.  The Deluxe option is for those who want to get a little more ‘crafty’ with their layouts, with mixed media effects.  (You’ll need to own or purchase additional supplies to create the Deluxe version). 

Here are the beautiful layouts you’ll create with the first kit;

Boutique Workshop Your Way kit

But wait, there’s more!

If you’d like to get a little ‘craftier’ and add some mixed media to your project, there are also the instructions to create these stunning layouts.

Of course, you can create ALL of the layouts if you like, you’ll just need to order another paper pack to be able to do this.

Up next, I’d like to share Grateful Heart.  Obviously with a name like that, you could consider it just a Thanksgiving theme, but the colours in this pack work so well with Fall/Autumn, any outdoorsy activities, and I love this for boys.  So it’s very versatile.  Here are the layouts you can create with the free guide included in the Workshop Your Way (WYW) kit.

Grateful Heart Workshop Your Way kit

Are you already imaging what photos you’ve got for these layouts??

Next up – say hello to Hello Pumpkin!

Bright primary colours, coupled with black and white patterns make up this delightful range.  Perfect for Halloween, but for me, I’m just as excited by the possibilities for weddings, formals, and everyday life, that the black and white papers will allow to shine.

Hello Pumpkin Workshop Your Way kit

Now it’s time to introduce you to the first of our two Christmas ranges.  If you’re more of a traditional gal, then you’ll be sure to fall in love with ‘Tis the Season.    And the layouts for this kit are as stunning as the paper.

‘Tis the Season Workshop Your Way kithttps://megan.closetomyheart.co.nz/retail/Product.aspx?ItemID=11253

Want the good news?  There’s more!  Because you can’t have too many Christmas pages right?!!

There’s a Deluxe version with this suite as well.  This one includes stamping and ‘cutting’ using Thin Cuts.

The ‘Tis the Season Deluxe Bundle
‘Tis the Season Deluxe Scrapbooking WYW kit

And last but definitely not least, for those of you who prefer a less traditional Christmas, ‘Oh What Fun’.  Perfect colours for a downunder beach Christmas I feel.

Oh What Fun Workshop Your Way kit

Whew, if that isn’t enough to keep you inspired and producing for the next few month, I don’t know what will!

If you’d like to order any of the kits, please let me know, I’d be happy to help.

Happy crafting,


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