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Sometimes the ‘journey’ towards Christmas can be bigger than the day itself – I mean, obviously it lasts a lot longer!

Decorating my house certainly starts the festive feeling – I love getting out all of the bits and pieces I’ve collected and made over the years, and this year I’m very happy to be adding a beautiful new piece to that collection.

At our convention this year, the very clever Doreen Watkins shared a page design she’d done, which was just stunning.   I knew I had to ‘case’ it when I got home, but then I got to thinking about the special this month on display trays, and figured I’d be able to incorporate the two things into one.  I absolutely love our display trays, and if you’ve been to my house you’ll know how true this is, as they’re scattered about on display!

So, without further ado, this is my inspired Christmas display tray, created with the Oh Deer papers as the base;


Oh Deer display tray 2.jpg

The star, bell and stocking are stamps from the October SOTM, gold embossed.  Our beautiful thin cuts were well used on the presents, hearts and stars.

But then – of course – after I finished, I remembered the Oh Deer complements pack, which would also look stunning.  There may just be a version 2 coming …


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