‘Documented’ scrapbook layout

Check out this stunning Documented scrapbooking layout – just perfect to document some of your favourite memories.

A couple of weeks back I participated in a ‘Documented’ scrapbook layout swap at the Close To My Heart 2018 convention in Las Vegas.  Now normally I’d be a little too intimidated to enter such a thing, but a few weeks prior, one of my lovely and very clever team mates (Lynne Samkin) shared her Documented layout, and I fell instantly in love.

She very kindly allowed me to ‘case’ it.  Which of course I did!  Well, I did modify it a little, and I added a facing page for it to become a 2 page layout.  I was very proud as I ‘swapped’ these pages with my partners in Vegas.

All the little details that Lynne added are so clever.  Especially the way she used so many components of the Documented Scrapbooking stamp set (D1772 – as shown below).

D1772 Documented stamp set
D1772 Documented stamp set

Check out the stamp set, then have a closer look at the page below, and see if you can spot all the places it’s been used!

A closer look at page 1 Documented scrapbook layout
Take a closer look …

Although I created several copies of the layout that were the ‘same’, each was also unique.  I used the four titles in the Documented Titles pack to create different versions.

Documented titles
Documented Titles

I was able to change the title in each of the layouts, using a combination of words cut from the CTMH Alphabet Thin Cuts (the ‘today’ in the layout above), and these titles.

Here’s a closer look at page 2 of the Documented scrapbooking layout;

Documented scrapbook layout page 2

The inspiration for this Documented scrapbook layout

If you’d like to check out the original layout, please go visit Lynne at her blog.  You’ll notice on Lynne’s layout that the background colour is a little stronger than on mine.   Lynne used ‘saffron’ which is one the base colours used in the pack.  I wanted something a little softer, so I’ve used ‘flaxen’.   Flaxen is a not a colour I’d ever look at and go ‘oooh, I have to have that’, but it is one of those colours that goes so well with so many others, and gives a surprising pop to a page.

Here’s what the full Documented paper range looks like;

The Documented paper range

And if you’re familiar with CTMH at all, you’ll know each paper range has some beautiful co-ordinating embellishments to go with it.   Along with the titles above, are these stunning Complements.

Documented Complements
Documented Complements

Are you immediately picturing which of your favourite memories these Complements can help highlight??!  These were made for memories!

I hope you find inspiration in this layout.  Please go ahead and ‘case’ it – and share your version with me.  If you’d like to purchase any of the products used in this layout, talk to your local CTMH consultant.  If you’re in NZ, you can purchase through me, simply email me, or shop directly on my website.   These products are only available until the end of August 2018.






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