Doodled Borders Blog Hop – February SOTM

Hi and welcome to the February Doodled Borders 2021 SOTM blog hop. Today I’m following Miss Carrie . There are a wealth of CTMH Makers from around the world participating. If you lose your way while travelling through the hop, the complete list of participants can be found here.

This month’s SOTM is such a versatile one. It has 36 super cute images on it! 36!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these types of stamp sets, because you’ll find you’ll be able to use little snippets of it on SO many projects.

OMG, stinkin’ cute huh! I can’t wait to see what everyone has created in this hop, I just KNOW there are going to be some amazing ideas.

To share today, I’ve created a scrapbook layout, and used just one tiny little stamp, but repeated it to create a border. That’s how simple and versatile this stamp set is.

Here’s a close up so you can better see what the border is made of.

Can you find the stamp I used on the stamp set? (Clue, it’s in the bottom middle.) Yep, it’s just one tine little stamp, that when stamped consistently, creates a lovely border.

To help you stamp something like this evenly, I recommend you first position the stamp on the ‘line’ on your stamp block. (All CTMH blocks have a line to help you with this). If you’re using a little stamp like this, you want to marry that with a little block, to make it easier for yourself. I used a 1″ block. Then I lined up the bottom of the block with my paper edge, and used that as my guide. Because you can see through the blocks, it’s easy to judge where you need to position it.

Because I know you have to have this stamp set, here’s how you can get it. You can purchase it directly from my website for $37.50 OR with an $88 order, you can purchase it for just $10. BUT ….. you can also get it for FREE!!! As a CTMH VIP, the SOTM is free for you in any month, with a $88 order. How cool is that?!!

Thanks for popping by. Don’t forget to comment before you head over to see what Michelle Johns is going to inspire you with.

Happy crafting

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