Fun with Flip Flaps …

Our CTMH home office has on their blog today a very cool post about Flip Flaps.  If you haven’t yet seen our flip flaps in action, then you HAVE to check it out – because these are just the coolest additions to your page.  I mean, who doesn’t run out of room for photos on a layout right?!  Flip flaps allow you to add all of the photos you WANT on a page, so no sacrificing.  They come in a fabulous array of sizes, AND they’re cheap as chips!!  What’s not to LOVE?!!

I’ve never shared a blog post on my blog before, so I’m not quite sure how this will work, or indeed IF it will work, but hopefully it does!

Click on the link below to see exactly what flip flaps are, and just how cool they are.

Now I know once you’ve checked that out, you’re going to want to order some yourself.  So, either email me at or pop onto my website to order.  Check out all the different sizes and prices HERE.





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