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Goal setting combined with a vision board

Discover the power of these two exercises together

Are you a goal setter? Have you experienced the power of combining that with a vision board? Let me share why I think goal setting combined with a vision board is so important. And not just any vision board – here I’m going to share one that’s pretty AND practical!

The ‘clean slate’ of a New Year – the perfect time to set goals and create your vision board.

Happy New Year! I’ve been trying to work out why the new year feels so different to any other time of the year in terms of goal setting. (at least it does for me). I mean – you can start afresh and set new goals at any time of the year, but most don’t. There is just something about the reality of a ‘new year’ and the feeling of a clean slate that doesn’t seem to be able to be duplicated.

The New Year does represent the time when so many people around the world set goals. The idea and practice seems to transcend cultures. And for many there’s a lot of sarcastic comments that come with that, as so often these goals are never realised. I believe part of that reason is because we need to see a constant visual reminder of these goals, to keep us on track. That’s where goal setting combined with a vision board comes in.

If you don’t believe me about why or how a vision board works, read this article from the Huff Post.

Goal Setting

Goal setting with a vision board is a two step process. The first part of that process is to set your goals. Sounds easy? It can actually be quite difficult. To make it work, I think you first need ‘space’. You need to quiet your mind, and give yourself space to dream. To take the time to really consider the goals you’re setting.

I like to ‘break up’ my goals into segments – family, travel, health, finances, personal development, work etc. This ensures I don’t miss a key element in my life. Then I can start to fine tune what within those categories is important to me. Most of what goes on my board is ‘big picture’ stuff. Let me explain that. It could be that one of my goals is to be fitter and healthier. I’ll find an image to go on my board that reflects that, but then I need to actually get specific with the goal, and work out what that means for me. To be fitter I’d need to exercise more. First I need to determine what exercise I’ll do, and then I’ll need to create an action plan to achieve that. My ‘action plan’ goes into my diary.

Here are some other ideas on how to set those goals and prepare for a vision board from Jean Van’t Hul of The Artful Parent.

Why create a vision board?

Once you’ve set your goals, you can then start putting your vision board together. I did a workshop a few years ago with a business guru. She took us through some goal setting exercises (much like I mentioned above), and we then scoured magazines for photos / imagery that portrayed those goals. We cut those images out of the mags, and posted them onto a board. Although I loved the whole exercise, the board that we posted these onto didn’t inspire me. It wasn’t something that I felt ‘proud’ of displaying. For some of you that may not be important, but for me I have a mantra of ‘pretty but practical’. Which essentially means I have a need for things to be practical, but I don’t see why they can’t also be pretty.

A pretty AND practical vision board

And that’s why I’m SO excited to share my 2019 vision board project and workshop with you. It combines goal setting and vision boards.

Close To My Heart have just released a special frame – it’s called the Magnolia Frame Kit. It’s a beautiful home decor piece, that can be personalised to suit.

Some clever friends had the idea of converting it to a vision board (thanks Laura and Paula). I thought this was visionary (get the pun?!), and ran with that idea. To say I’m pleased with the result is an understatement;

Vision Board created using CTMH's Magnolia Frame Kit
My 2019 Vision Board, using the Magnolia Frame Kit from CTMH

So what do you think??

Here’s a version with a wee bit of ‘visioning’ on it!

Vision board in use
Vision board in use (more to come).

I inked the flowers with a little ‘lagoon’ ink, and used an aqua coloured ribbon, because aqua is my favourite colour. You could of course personalise all of these details to your own preferred colour palette.

What I love most about this vision board, is that I am so super proud to hang it in my house. And that’s important. It’s important that you see your board constantly. That there’s that constant subliminal reminder of what’s important to you. Personally, I truly believe that you get what you focus on. So it’s best to focus on good stuff!

The Magnolia Frame kit

A little more about my board! Here’s where you get a double treat. You get all the benefits of goal setting etc, and then, you’ll also get the joy of creating something yourself. This Frame Kit is indeed just that. The photo below shows what’s included in the kit;

Magnolia Frame Kit

You can purchase the kit, and create it as you like. There are lots of suggestions included with it. To give you an idea of just how versatile it is, I’m sharing a few samples of what some fellow consultants have created to. (It could be that you need two boards – one for your goal setting and the other just as a decor piece!)

Goal Setting & Vision Board workshops

BUT, if you’d like to create the Vision Board, I’m running two workshops to help with that. I’m partnering with Amy McAuley of the The Pursuit of Happiness. She’ll be running the goal setting session, and I’ll then take you through creating your own board.

There are two options available. Both of these classes are being run in Auckland. (But if you’re in NZ, and would like to host a vision board workshop, let me know, and I’ll see what we can do!)

Option 1 is January 14th, 7-9:30pm – click HERE for more info and to book

Option 2 is January 18th, 7-9:30pm – click HERE for more info and to book

I cannot wait to help you enjoy the process of discovering your creativity as you create the board, and as you feel and see the power of setting goals, and having them displayed beautifully in your home as a reminder of what’s important to you in 2019.

That truly is the first step to living a year that is truly purposeful to you. And that I believe, is one of the keys to happiness.


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