Hubby’s stoked with CTMH’s new washi tape …

Yesterday was a gloriously sunny day here in Auckland.  Hubby had the day off, so we decided I would also take the day off (love the flexibility of being self employed!), and we’d start painting the house.

Now this is a job we’ve been needing to do for a little while, but have had a big stumbling block with it.  You know you want to do a project, but there’s something you’ve got to sort before you can go ahead?  And that something is a real tricky bugger?!  Well, our stumbling block with painting the house was our window/door frames.  Each of our frames has a very small cavity to the side of them, cut into the house, that is very narrow.  And it’s painted.  We knew that painting that area was going to be difficult at the best of times, but when we searched hardware stores far and wide, and couldn’t find any narrow masking tape, we knew it really was going to be a bugger of a job – one which we couldn’t think of a solution for.

Yesterday, we decided it really was time to stop putting the job off, and to just get started.  We’d do the rest of the house, and would just have to think some more on how to do those frames.

So we got started.  Painting is quite thereapeutic, and allows me to ‘wander off’ into dreamland a little – I think of all the projects I want to, colours, layouts, etc etc.  Then bam, I got it!  Inspiration hit in a FLASH.   What about CTMH’s new Carnival / Boardwalk washi tape?   These beautiful new tapes include two colours of 1/4″ wide washi tape – just about the right width to get into my window frames.  OMG, I was so excited!  I ran and got it, and showed it to Paul, who just gave me a ‘what’ look, like, we’re painting, not crafting!  But I showed him.  I ran the tape down the side of the frame, painted inside that edge, and voila!  This morning, I tore it all up, and I have the most beautiful window frames, with a crisp paint line!  Just what every fuss pot engineer LOVES!  CTMH to the rescue again, it’s all pretty and practical here!!!


Pretty and practical!
Pretty and practical!

Here’s a picture for you – not very exciting I know, but trust me, this is a HUGE win, for me, washi all over the world, and for getting my job DONE!  And I’m sure my husband loves me, and CTMH, just a little bit more!


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