It’s time to design your life for 2016 …

I’m sure you’ve all read the data on top achievers – they set goals, write them down, share them, and then achieve them!  From my experience, I know this to be true in my own small way – there are days I’m totally onto it, I write my to do list the night before, then I get up with purpose, and fly through that list – and feel fabulous at the end of it.  Then there are the other days, when I don’t write that list, and although I turn up in my office, I drift from thing to thing, forget where I’m at, and don’t seem to achieve very much.  Hmmm, why is it that knowing how great it is to plan my day, I still don’t do it everyday??  Can anyone relate?

One of the key motivations for me, is a ‘system’ to help me do this.  It has to be practical, but it really is even better if it’s pretty as well.  So I am super excited that CTMH have introduced a ‘planner’ that is totally pretty and practical!   If a great diary is all you want, it can deliver on that, check out the pages below.

planner pages

But if you’d like to add a little more into your planner, it allows for that as well – we have co-ordinating pocket pages in two styles, for photos or nick nacks.

planner photo pages

But wait, there’s more.  If you’ve used Smash/Crush books before, you should be really excited about now!  As an optional extra, there are loose, 3-ring hold punched pages which come in a variety of playful patterns, some with beautiful sayings to lift your spirits and encourage you on.

planner crush pages

Guess what, I haven’t finished yet!

For those who like to pretty up their pages even more, we have more!  There’s a gorgeous washi tape – Everyday Life.

planner washi

AND, there’s also a Roller Stamp – Perfect Plan!

planner stamp

And right now, you can purchase all of these!  But even better, is that there’s a great bundle on offer this month, which includes the Planner and the Roller Stamp, all for the fabulous price of $52.95.

Click HERE for all the details or HERE for the bundle offer.  You can order directly from these links, or email me with your order at

Let’s create an amazing year together in our beautiful planners.





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