Join our FAMILY and put more FUN in your life!

“I love my job” – wouldn’t you like to be able to say that?

 I certainly can, I mean, who wouldn’t love getting paid to play?!

And right now, could be the BEST time for you to join our consultant family, and my team of passionate crafters.

RIGHT NOW, CTMH are offering some AMAZING rewards,

because, you’re worth it;

  • It’s just $45 to join, and you get $45 back in CTMH cash!!  Do the math!!  (only until the end of May, otherwise it’s $90 to join)
  • AND all consultants, at any time, are eligible to earn our Start with Heart rewards (as pictured below – and yes, you could get ALL of those goodies!)

The Star Crafters, NZ’s top team

So you know you receive crafty cash when you join, and that’s of course lovely, but what else do you get when you join my team?

My team of consultants is called the STAR CRAFTERS – we are NZ’s largest and most award winning team (in fact, we beat the Aussies quite a bit too!).  We are spread from the Far North to Invercargill, and many many places in between.

Some of our special team enjoying Convention in Brisbane 2015

Amongst our team we have full time consultants, part-time consultants, hobbyists, creative people, non-creative people, extroverts, introverts, young, old.  You get the picture, we’re a mixed breed!  But what we all have in common, is our LOVE for crafting, and for sharing.  We are the team that just has the nicest people.  One of my greatest joys is seeing the friendships and bonds that have grown over the years.  Yes, many of us have been part of this team for over 20 years now!

I know that the thought of starting a business can be a little daunting – you will probably have a lot of questions and maybe some concerns.  I think it’s really important to discuss all of your concerns and have all of your questions answered before you join.  Please know I am only a phone call away.  And there is never any obligation – being a consultant is not for everyone, so it’s important to find out if it is for you.

Training and support

What I can tell you though, is that when you join you are not alone.  We have both company and team training programmes, to get you started, and to keep you going.  As a team we hold monthly meetings (a mix of business and creative training), a yearly retreat, and quarterly customer/consultant combined events.  We have a team FB group that keeps everyone well connected throughout NZ, so even if you are ‘remote’, you’ll still feel valued and know you’re part of our team.

Have I yet mentioned;

  • the great commission you receive (from 25 – 45% or more) on your personal sales
  • the consultant only incentives
  • our international Conventions (in the US and Australia, open to all consultants)
  • consultant ‘hostess’ rewards
  • your FREE personal website – updated and maintained by CTMH
  • the opportunity to pre-order product before it’s released
  • the potential to earn cash bonuses based on sales, recruiting and your teams’ performance
  • monthly recognition for team achievers
  • that this is YOUR business, to run as YOU wish

Oh my, I could go on.  There are so many wonderful reasons why I am sure you would love being part of the Star Crafters team, and the CTMH family.


And you know what, it’s really a no-risk decision.  What’s the worst that can happen?  The worst is you join, realise it’s not for you, and have $45 worth of product that you got for free!   See, no risk, just rewards.

Click HERE to join, or email me at megan [at] if you’d like to meet and chat in person, or call me on 021 704 678.

I so look forward to sharing all the benefits and joys of being a consultant with you.