July photo of the day challenge …

pod 4

I have been diligently taking photos for this challenge, but for good reasons, I’ve not had a chance to record them until now.  Today is the perfect scrapbooking day in Auckland (aka wet!), and whilst the rest of my house enjoys a sleep in, I’m enjoying getting started in my book.  I had to laugh at myself – before I began this project I was tossing up between two other designs of Crush books – I’ve ended up going for Wildwood, which wasn’t one of them!!  (Woman’s prerogative to change your mind right?!)  🙂  Today’s photos are from the 4th of July.  Yes, I did say photos.  Although I had said at the beginning of the challenge that you had to choose just one photo, I’ve decided that that may not always be practical.  And although it was important when doing a yearly challenge, it doesn’t seem so important with a monthly challenge.  So I do have a couple of days where I’ve got more than one photo.

Check back tomorrow for another update.


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