New Jan-Feb Catalogue from Close to my Heart!

I am super super excited to share CTMH’s new Jan-Feb Catalogue with you, because this is seriously my favourite one EVER!

As I went through it for the first time, I was making marks on the products I wanted – almost all of the items have marks against them. 🙄 😍And with the book only being around for two months, I am going to either have to do some serious culling, or blow the budget. I know which one will be most fun!

So without further ado, let’s have a little looksy at it. Today we’re going to focus on the scrapbooking products. (Come back tomorrow to check out cardmaking ideas and products.)

If you just can’t wait, and have to get ‘to the end’ first, you can shortcut all of my viewing, and just click on the book below to read it all online.

But if you’re happy for me to take you through some of the items in it, carry on reading.

Craft with Heart Subscription Kits

First up, there are new Craft with Heart subscription projects. The subscription program is one designed for busy people, for those who need to ‘catch up’, for the creatively challenged, for those with little space, smaller budgets, no tools, or for those who just like to step outside their own creative ways. The scrapbooking subscription is one I’ve had from the start. I LOVE that I can create these incredible looking layouts, in just 15 minutes. How often can you ever say that?! I just wait until I have photos that will work with the layout, and then voila, done!

Anyway, you’d probably like to see these layouts right? These are the kits you’ll receive in the first quarter of 2020.

Stunning right?! Did I mention you can create these in just 15 minutes or so??!! Order yours now!

Paper Suites

There are two full paper suites in the new book, and a Mix In paper pack. The Mix In pack is designed to work with both of the new suites, and just gives you some additional options.

Spruced Up

Spruced Up Collection

Here’s a little glimpse of what the new paper suite Spruced Up looks like. As you can see, it’s perfect for your outdoor adventures, but I’ve also seen Christmas layouts on it, and family portraits. I have heard many people swooning over this one that’s for sure.

As with all of CTMH’s paper suites, there is a scrapbooking workshop kit using this kit. Download the workshop instructions, then use the kit to create step by step. It’s super easy to do, and the results speak for themselves.

And if you think all of that is gorgeous, just wait until you see Celebrate Today!

Celebrate Today

If you like bright, happy, cheery colours, then you’re going to LOVE Celebrate Today. I certainly do. Although this pack has obviously been arranged around celebrations, I think it is also perfect for summer. We are in the middle of summer here in NZ, and I’m creating with these. In fact, if you come along to our Summer School crop you’ll be crafting with these there. (Have you booked in yet?)

Celebrate Today CTMH

If you purchase the Workshop Kit, these are the stunning layouts that you can create with the step by step instructions. Everyone’s got birthday photos right?!!

Mix In Papers

As I mentioned early, the Mix In papers are designed to co-ordinate seamlessly with the Spruced Up and Celebrate Today papers.

They are a great way to extend what you can do with each range. Although in saying that, I have often used these on their own to great effect. As always, the sky is the limit when creativity is involved.

Here’s what you get in the paper pack;

Mix In Paper Packet CTMH Jan-Feb 2020

Here’s a page that’s been created using the Mix Ins, and Celebrate Today.

Mix In scrapbooking layout

So there you have a quick hit of scrapbooking inspiration from the Jan-Feb catalogue.

As always, you can purchase any of these products from my website, and / or come to an event and create with them there. Don’t forget though, that these products are only around for 2 months, so you need to create that wish list now!

I hope that we get to connect in 2020, sharing ideas, inspiration, and scrapbooking memories together.

Don’t forget to pop back tomorrow for a look at some of the new cardmaking ideas!


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