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So there’s a really long list below – which might seem a little boring, but for some of you, it may hold ‘critical’ information.  Most of the items in our Annual Inspirations book will retire at the end of July.  My recommendation is your grab your book and a highlighter, and you mark off all the products that are going.  Then you’ll know whether there are things you need to get now, or you can wait (if your list is longer than your bank account that is).

For me one of the key items is the sea glass range. As our colour of the year, Sea Glass has been extremely popular – and if you want to carry on inking it, you’ll need to ensure you’ve got a re-inker.

So here’s the list;


Now the good news is is that you’re getting a heads up.  The bad news is, is that if these items sell out before the catalogue ends (excluding stamps), then stock won’t be replenished.  Some items have already sold out (green shimmer trim, mini memory protectors, thin cuts hello and thanks, thin cuts hearts, you and me complements, my boy complements).

So, check it out now, and make sure you don’t miss out on the things you’ve been most coveting.



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