Retiring soon …

No – not me!   But there are two important ‘things’ retiring at the end of December.  All of the paper suites and stamps in our Holiday Expressions book will retire at the end of the month.  Now this book has our Christmas range in it, so if you’re thinking you’ll be scrapbooking Christmas photos in January (or anytime later in the year), make sure you purchase the Christmas products you need now.

This is the book which will retire at the end of December.

BUT, there are some very special products also retiring at the end of December, that you may not even be aware exist.  There are many many things I love about our CTMH corporate office, and one of them is that they created a whole bunch of stamps, just for our market downunder.    These have been around for a year now, so they also will retire from the end of December.  Click on the two links below to see the full range, but here’s a sample of some of the kiwi specific ones;

1511-outback-originals-flyer-au_nz           1511-celebrate-you-flyer-au_nz

New Zealand Greetings D1601 
Celebrate New Zealand D1641
Cricket D1643

So – if you’re sending cards from NZ overseas, host international guests, love NZ, or play a bit of backyard cricket – you may just want to add one or two of these to your collection before they go.


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