Simple and stunning speed scrapbooking kits

Have everything delivered to your door, to create simple and stunning scrapbooking pages

Perfect for beginners, alongside the more accomplished scrapbooker.

Sounds too good to be true right?!  I’d be skeptical too.  But I invite you to check out Close To My Heart’s scrapbooking subscription program, for simple and stunning speed scrapbooking.

Here’s how it works – you join for 1 month, 4 months, or 12 months.  For each month within the program you joined, CTMH will send you two double-page scrapbooking layouts.  These layouts include pre-printed base pages, that you then layer up with die cuts, stickers, photo mats and your photos.  These are ALL included (with the exception of your photos).

Simple and stunning, speed scrapbooking kits
One of the two layouts you’ll receive with a September, quarterly or yearly subscription


You can follow the instructions, and create as per the design, or you can totally personalise it to your own style and photos.  

Whatever way you do it, you’ll end up with stunning pages, created super speedy.  And what’s not to love about that!

Simple and stunning scrapbooking kits
One of the layouts you’ll receive with an October, quarterly or yearly subscription.


Beginner scrapbooker?

This is the BEST way for a beginner scrapbooker to get started.



  • the kits make it easy to just begin
  • you’ll just follow the step by step instructions
  • the layouts are pre-cut
  • you don’t need to ‘invest’ in any tools – all you need is a trimmer for your photos, an adhesive to stick everything down, and a journaling pen to write those memories
  • you’ll create these pages super quick which will inspire & motivate you to keep going through the mounds of photos


Simple and stunning speed scrapbooking kits
One of the layouts you’ll receive with a November, quarterly or yearly subscription


Already a scrapbooker?

You might think that as an existing scrapbooker, these might be ‘too easy’ for you?  You might be wrong!  (Well, right about how easy they are.  However, I’d love to prove you wrong if you think they’re not for you.)



  • layouts like these are a great way to ‘catch up’ (can you honestly tell me that you’re up to date?)
  • the layouts can be modified however you like (check out how this blogger uses the kit (previous kit) as her base, and adds some of her existing stash to personalise it)
  • if you’re traveling somewhere, these are perfect for scrapbooking on the go.  Without the need for tools, you also don’t need much space, so perfect to take to a crop, workshop, to create while traveling, or at your beach house.  (You have a beach house?  How nice!)
  • the pre-printed base pages often include designs that would take hours to physically create, but are right there, either on your page or die cut in your kit, done for you.  


Speed scrapbooking kits
One of the two-page layouts you’ll receive with your December, quarterly or yearly subscription


And the cherry on the top – all of this gets delivered to your door.  You don’t even need to leave home to enjoy this.  This subscription program is called Craft with Heart.  To order, or to find out all of the details, click here on Craft with Heart.

Speed up your scrapbooking
Delivered right to your door – CTMH’s Craft with Heart subscription programe

So if you’re wanting to create simple and stunning pages, in super speedy time, give it a go!  “I wish they had more of these”, is the only negative I hear from my existing users.






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