Speed decor …

So you all know about my speed scrapbooking kits – now I’d like to share with you Speed Decor!

This is a combination of CTMH’s Display Tray (a steal at just $34.50), and some Picture My Life (PML) cards (I also used some PML overlays).  This beautiful artwork took me just 15 minutes to create – and look how fab it looks;

display tray

It really couldn’t be any simpler.  You can mix and match your photos – see the two on the bottom row on the left – that was one 4×6 that I simply cut down the middle and split across the two boxes.   And if you want to make a highlight of something, and it doesn’t fit, you simply put it on the outside, like I’ve done with the photo top right.  Of course, if you don’t have Picture My Life cards, you can cut up some scrapbook paper – it just might take you another couple of minutes.  So yours might be a 20 minute project!

Totally versatile, totally cool, totally 15 minutes!!!

Order your display tray today : www.cropcraftcreate.co.nz







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