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Stunning Paper Suites | CTMH 2020/21 Annual Ideas

The much anticipated new ANNUAL Ideas book is here, and features 5 stunning paper suites.

September marks the beginning of Close to my Heart’s annual ideas book, and I can super excited to share that it is 100 pages of the BEST crafty goodness.

The Annual book is a showcase for the company’s core products. This book highlights the company’s commitment to expanding that core, offering a great diversity to your crafting.

Over the next little while, we’ll be exploring the range, but today, we’re starting with the Paper Suites. 5 Large paper suites that will ensure you always have on hand something to create and celebrate with.

Lovely Paper Suite

First up is Lovely. With a name like that, how could you not love it?

Lovely Paper Suite from CTMH

These soft muted colours will work with so many different themes, and the optional sticker sheet is filled with many generic images that will embellish most themes.

Monkey card created using the Lovely paper suite
Ideas using the Lovely Paper suite

Party Time Paper Suite

I think it’s fair to say that we all have a birthday every year, so a paper suite focusing on this can only be a favourite and most needed.

This range has been very cleverly put together, so within your double sided papers, there’s a ‘blue’ side and a ‘pink’ side, but they also intermingle the two colours, so you can put your focus however you want it. Stars, confetti, plaids and dots also extend the celebration options – so you’re not just limited to birthdays with this range. And, of course, the optional sticker sheets allows you to embellish and really amp up the celebrations.

Party Time Paper Suite

Here’s a wee bit of inspiration using it;

Wood Grain Paper Pack

Ok, so this is the paper suite I’ve been hanging out for f.o.r.e.v.e.r. I am so excited to have it available for an entire year. I love wood grain papers, they can bring so much to crafting projects, whether that’s cardmaking or scrapbooking. So yes, I’m beyond excited with this stunning paper suite.

Wood Grain Paper Packet

Here’s a couple of ideas using it as a background. I will be sure to be sharing a lot more over the next year!

Silver Foil Paper Pack

Who doesn’t love a little bit of foil accent? It just makes anything it touches more special.

Silver foil paper pack

The beautiful patterns on this paper are designed to complement and enhance anything it’s paired with, with beautiful results.

Scrapbook layout using the silver foil paper

Now, of course you couldn’t have silver foil paper, without also having …

Gold Foil Paper Pack

Just like it’s partner, gold foil paper will enhance any thing you choose to pair it with.

Although you may think gold could only work when paired with warmer tones, here you’ll see it adapting beautifully to being paired with cooler tones.

Scrapbooking layout using Gold Foil paper

So there you have it, 5 lovely new Paper Suites that you know will be around for a year. This offers great peace of mind for those working on a project using just one suite.

The colours in these ranges are all designed to work with the 42 colours of cardstock in CTMH’s core range.

In fact, on the patterned papers (Lovely, Party Time and Wood Grain), you’ll see on the zip strip, that they share what plain coloured cardstock co-ordinates perfectly with that range. I use this all.the.time. It takes the guess work out of having to think about what colours to use. I just check the zip strip, and then grab those colours, create, and voila!

Zip strips showing the co-ordinating cardstock for each paper suite

I am looking forward to a year of crafting with these beautiful paper suites, knowing that the seasonal introductions will only further enhance them.

I hope you too have a great time creating with them. To order any of these, simply click on HERE.

Don’t forget to share what you create also.


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