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In today’s world, running a successful online business means creating content online. There are so many different platforms for this, but most common and popular are YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Tik Tok, and Instagram. These are all very visual platforms – and a visual platform is just what you need to really portray your craft.

Video is becoming the best way to attract attention to yourself. YouTube has grown phenomenally, and Tik Tok became a success very quickly, because of the video aspect. Video is also a great way to teach fellow crafters. Due to the rise in videos’ popularity, platforms such as FB or Instagram, who weren’t traditionally video channels, have created their own ways of jumping onto this bandwagon. Think stories and reels on Instagram, and lives on Facebook. Even Pinterest is trying to get in on the video action, with Idea Pins.

So – if you’re serious about building your business, essentially you’re going to have to start creating videos of some form or other. And to do that you’re going to need some basic tools.

Before you start to panic about costs and technology, calm down a little. Most creators out there simply use their smartphone to record their videos. (Although, of course, those phones aren’t cheap. But chances are you already have one of those!).

Your can easily record your video on your phone, but you’ll probably want to edit it after that. If you’ve got an iPhone, you can use its inbuilt software, iMovie. Or it may be that you find an alternative app is easier.

When I first started creating videos years ago I used VivaVideo which I loved. I literally uploaded my video, and very easily managed to work my way through editing it. I was able to slice bits out, speed it up in places, add text, and do voice overs. All on my first attempt! However, at that time it was under $10 to purchase. Now that price has grown into a more expensive subscription.

Even though I have an iPhone, I haven’t found iMovie as easy to use, so I went looking for something else, and am currently using InShot. But there are lots to look at and trial – here are a few more suggestions that you can investigate for yourself; Wave, Descript, Filmora, Pinnacle studio, PowerDirector, Animaker, Nero Video and Vizmato.

Along with an editing app, there’s a few pieces of basic equipment that are worth investing in, when you get to the stage that you’re doing a lot, and can afford it.

My first investment was in the Arkon Phone Stand. I had purchased a much cheaper version of this prior, but it was clumsy to use, and didn’t have the full functionality I was wanting. The Arkon stand has delivered on everything I was looking for. It has a very sturdy base, and the arm is fully adjustable, and able to extend over your projects well. It was definitely worth the investment.

The second thing I purchased was a ring light. The light is so good that I can actually double it as a light when I’m crafting. But the main intention with a light is to light your project well for your viewers, and also to properly light you if you’re facing the camera. The remote that comes with this is super handy also for stopping and starting your videos, without having to do it on your phone. You may find you need even more lights, to really ensure your viewers can see all the details that you’re sharing, without any shadows. These are great.

A microphone can be another item you may consider if you’re doing a lot of talking on your videos. It’s certainly an imperative tool if you’re doing podcasts. If you can’t afford one straight away, you could try using something with your phone, ie. air pods. That can improve sound quality in some instances.

If you’re also photographing your crafts, a light box can be very handy. The one I showcase here is 20×20″, large enough for us scrapbookers to get a layout in there.

As you can see, it’s not a huge investment to get yourself set up so you’re delivering a great video experience for your fans.

I hope these tools help you expand or enhance your business offering.

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