Crafting Joy: Learn how to create handmade Christmas cards

There’s something truly special about receiving a handmade Christmas card. It is a gift in itself – a token of love and thoughtfulness, that I don’t believe a store bought card can quite duplicate. And with Christmas just two months away, it’s time to get creating your own handmade Christmas cards. Let me show you how! I’ll guide you through my creative process, some fabulous products, and with lots of inspiration for you to copy.

You know, the other thing about creating your own handmade Christmas cards, is that the joy in them is not reserved just for the receiver. As you’ll find out I’m sure, there is so much joy in creating – yes, even for those who’ve not done it before, or who consider themselves ‘uncreative’. (That’s me by the way.) With the right tools – you can look super clever and crafty.

Handmade Christmas card

So let’s begin.

What you’ll need:

  • card bases
  • decorative paper
  • adhesives
  • stamps and ink pads
  • embellishments
  • trimmer (my favourite ever in 20+ years of scrapbooking is THIS one)
  • a guide

With that list above, I’m happy to say between me, and Close To My Heart, we’ve got you covered.

Step 1 – Choose!

I always start by choosing my core papers. Do you like traditional Christmas colours, or are you a bit of a Christmas rebel? Me, I go either way, it all depends on the individual paper / range. As a CTMH Maker, I of course, choose from their current catalogue, and as I write this, I’m crushing on their current ‘Home for Christmas’ range. The other thing I love about using a paper suite like this, is that everything in it co-ordinates, plus they prescribe on the zip strip, all the plain cardstock colours that co-ordinate with it. So you never have to worry about working that out. Honestly, it saves so much angst!

Papers and stickers in the Home for Christmas paper suite from CTMH

Step 2 – Design

Here I have two favourite sources – a CTMH Make It From Your Heart pattern book, and Pinterest. Pinterest is just a beautiful goldmine of designs. But, if I find a design I like in one of the MIFYH books, then life is super easy, as it includes all the cutting instructions. Here’s a wee example of how that all works.

Step 3 – Cut, Create, Colour

Cut your papers to size, then do any stamping and colouring. I find it easier to stamp before adhering anything, because if I make an error, I can just turn it over and try again. Once everything’s stamped, I piece together my card. (On the one below I did a little bit of watercolour painting, before I stamped).

Handmade card featuring watercolour paint and Christmas tree

Step 4 – Embellish

One your card is pieced together, now it’s time to add bling! This is often everyone’s favourite part. Your cards can be simple and elegant, or crazily creative, it’s completely up to you, but a little bling can just add that finishing touch. This could include sequins, glitter, ribbons, twine, sparkles etc. There is no end!

Handmade Christmas card featuring a fancy fold

Step 5 – Personalise your greeting

Yep – you have to write your message inside the card. Along with your Christmas wishes, this really is an opportunity to let someone know how much they mean to you. Do it before it’s too late! (Or don’t, whatever you’re comfortable with!)

And voila, you have a beautiful handmade card, ready to send and spread joy. Just imagine your friend / family opening their letterbox to receive it. ❤️

Cardmaking really is a very practical hobby. There’s so much joy, peace, relaxation etc in getting off screens, and doing something tactile. You can try out all sorts of creative ideas, and it never matters if it ‘doesn’t work’, as it’s just a piece of paper, and you can just get a new one. And at the end of all the fun, you have a beautiful card that you get to gift someone else with. It’s such a win win.

I really encourage you to give it a go, starting now with your own handmade Christmas cards.

Happy crafting,

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