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An exciting new chapter in my crafting adventures …

Wow, my little life has been crammed with happenings over the last few weeks – but I finally have a wee quiet moment to gather my thoughts, and share with you.

If you’re a fellow crafting friend, you’ll know that I started my crafting journey more than 20 years ago with Creative Memories.  I was devastated when they closed 11 years ago, but found a new home and purpose with Close To My Heart.  Amongst other things, they introduced me to the wonders of stamping – both in my scrapbooks, and into a whole new world with cardmaking.  They have extended my crafting knowledge and skill base exponentially, and I have loved every moment of my adventures with them.

And now I’m sure it’s all about to happen again with Stampin’ Up.  CTMH will close to me as a Maker from the end of April 2024. 

I am very excited to say I have joined Stampin’ Up as a demonstrator, officially starting with them on the 1st May, ready to start an exciting new chapter in my crafting adventures with them.  And I hope you’ll join me!

What I love most about this opportunity, is that it allows me to continue crafting and sharing with you.

It is the community I’ve built around me over the last 20+ years, that gives me the most pleasure, and is truly what’s kept me in the game this long.

I have a large ‘team’ of Makers within NZ – some of us have literally been on this journey together for 20 years now.  We’ve watched and participated in many of life’s milestone moments – kids being born, growing, achievements, illnesses, weddings etc.  ALL of lifes moments, are memories we’ve created together or shared with each other.  Travelling around the world on incentive trips, celebrating together at conventions, and creating together at team retreats has strengthened our bonds, and given us all a place of connectedness, and joy.  

And it’s the same with my ‘customers’.  It has been the best thing watching people meet in a class, and develop a friendship, that translates age, economic status, and personality.  We all share a common bond of our love of our photos, crafting, and of our family.  

Alongside having my children, and my marriage, it is these relationships and communities that I am most proud of.

So I feel a huge sense of gratitude to Stampin’ Up, who’ve stepped in, and saved the day!  Through them, I’m able to continue with the communities I’ve built, and to develop and build them even more.

It’s not just the crafting.  The crafting is the conduit to bringing people together.  

BUT, the crafting itself is an activity that is good for your mental health, it’s good for your brain, it helps relieve stress, it can bring a wonderful sense of achievement, and it can bring a huge amount of joy.

How many activities do you do that offer so much?

It truly is a wonderful way to spend time.

So – as I embark with much excitement on this new adventure, I hope you too are along for the ride!

It’s going to be SUCH FUN!

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  1. Best wishes on your new journey, Megan. I’m sure you will continue to happily share your talents with your makers and customers now with Stampin Up.

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