Friday Phone Photo Fun – Autumn leaves photography

Welcome to my new Friday feature. I’m having fun with words that start with ‘f”. Lol, not really, – it’s just turned out that way.

Seriously though, what I’m hoping to bring you each Friday, is a little bit of help learning a bit more about your phone camera.

We live in an era where most people carry a camera with them constantly – via their phones. Not only that, these cameras are often superior to the ‘dedicated’ camera you may have previously had / used.

So isn’t it time you learned a little more about it??

This is not about becoming a professional photographer (‘cos I’m certainly not one), but it is about just learning a little more, so the everyday photos you take are just a little bit more awesome.

I know a lot of people get overwhelmed with the ‘tech’ of their phones, so I hope over the next little while, to share a little tip with you each week. Some will be super easy, some may be a little more technical – but they’ll all be an opportunity for you to learn a little, perhaps stretch your skill and understanding of just what your phone camera can do. And I promise that even if it’s a little techy, that I’ll take you through it slowly, step by step, so you can take your time working through it.

We’re also going to step beyond photography tips – to tips on how to better manage the photos on your phone. Yes that means culling them, saving them, perhaps sorting them, printing them etc. Not all at once. Just wee bite sized tips that you can take on when you think it’s something you need help with, or want to learn.

So without further ado, let’s jump in!

Today’s tip is definitely not starting at the beginning. But it is autumn in NZ, and beautiful colours abound. If you’re like me, you love looking at the kaleidoscope of colours as the trees prepare to shed their leaves. I’m always trying to capture them, but my photos never seem to do them justice.

And I’m not sure yet that they still do.

BUT – I have learned a few tips that I want to share with you, that I’m sure could improve the photos you’re currently taking. (Unless of course, you’re a professional photographer, in which case, you’re welcome to share any of your tips with us below. 🙂 )

Here’s a quick easy thing to do when you’re next standing next to a tree in all it’s autumn glory.

We are going to transform your photos from dull and boring (like this).

To, vibrant and stunning, like this.

To learn how to do this, you can either watch the video below, or follow these step by step notes.

(Please note, I’m using an iPhone14 – if you’re using another type of phone, and you’re not sure how to do any of the ‘things’, google the step “ie. how do I do “xyz” on a “xyz” phone”)

  1. Open your camera
  2. Select Portrait mode
  3. Choose “2” as your zoom
  4. Change your aperture to 5.6
  5. Take your photo
  6. Voila – beautiful photo!

Go practise this. It’s only by doing something that you really learn.

Take a screen shot of the steps above, or write them out on a piece of paper, and then head into your backyard, or beyond, and give it a go. Then share how you did.

I’ll be cheering you on.

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