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Stamp & die organisation | find any stamp set you own in seconds

Let me show you how to make this your reality. How amazing would it be to have your stamps properly organised. So you could literally find any image, on any stamp set you own, in seconds??

Life changing right!

I know that’s a bold statement, but this method of organising your stamp sets really was life changing for me. Which is why I’m sharing it with you. ‘Cos life changing stuff needs to be shared!

Before using Evernote, I stored my stamp sets in their drawers, in ‘categories’ like Seasons & Nature, Occasions, Sentiments etc. Which worked well in the beginning, but then I found there was such a cross over of categories that one stamp set should go into.

And then I purchased a few more stamp sets.

And then a few more ….

Then as I sat down to craft, I’d have a vague recollection of an image that I’d want to use. But finding it was near on impossible. I would spend a not inconsiderable amount of time pulling my drawers out, searching, and then give up.

So I really wasn’t making use of this incredible resource I’d spent $ on building up.

Is this sounding at all relatable?

And then someone shared how Evernote could help. To be honest, I’d heard and seen some chatter on it before, but the way it was being used was cumbersome, and incredibly time consuming to start and maintain.

And then someone shared another way.


I could immediately see how setting up the system could be achieved quickly, and easily. And maintained.

And I could see the value in having everything sorted.

So I did it. It took me 2 months – not really that long, but I’ll explain why soon.

But now, I can literally find any image I own in seconds on Evernote. Then I simply walk to my stamp drawers, and pick it out. Voila!

I’ve created a video that will walk you through all of it. Watch this first, then come back here for the notes if you need them.

To set up your system in Evernote

To begin, if you don’t already, you’ll need to download Evernote onto your computer, and install the clipper / tool bar extension.

  1. Create a New Notebook

These are the notebooks I created;

A stamps

B stamps


C Stamps

CC specials

Cricut stamps

D stamps

E stamps

M stamps

Thin Cut combos

SOTM (stamp of the month)

You’ll create one notebook for each of these (or whatever you choose)

2. Click on the 3 dots on the right of each notebook, and then go to ‘Add to Stack’. The first time you do this you’ll need to create a ‘New Stack’. I called mine ‘CTMH stamps’. You’ll want to add each of your notebooks to this stack. This will just keep them nicely organised in Evernote.

3. I created drawers (or areas) in my system for each of these titles. Each stamp set is stored in its correct drawer, in numerical order. So once I find the stamp set in Evernote, I can then know which drawer it’ll be in and go straight to it.

Stamp drawer storage Ikea

4. Open a new browser window. Type in the name and code for your first stamp set. Click on Images. You should see an image of the stamp set you have in front of you. Click on it. Then click on the little green Evernote elephant logo in your tool bar. Choose Screenshot, then highlight the stamp set.

5. Under Organisation, choose which folder your stamp set should be saved to. Then add your tags. List each item and word/s that are on the stamp set. Hit enter after each entry – this will create a new tag. This is what will help you find each image when searching, so make sure you do this for EVERY image. When you’re finished, click ‘save clip’. This is now in your system, and is searchable when you go into Evernote.

It loaded mine stamps into Evernote over two months. With the free version, you have a MB upload limit. I had so many stamp sets, that I reached this limit about half way through. Then I had two options. Pay to upgrade, or wait until next month when you limit starts again. I just waited. 🙂

Once you have all of your stamp sets in Evernote, you’ll have this amazing resource to search when looking for an image.

To search, simply login to Evernote, and in the search bar, type in the word or image that you’re wanting to find.

It’ll then show you every stamp set that you own that has that.

A M A Z I N G right!

Once you’ve done this, you’ll find you’ll really be using your stamp sets, because now you can find them when you want them.

I have found it the best EVER.

If you think so too, make sure you leave a comment below etc. And feel free to share this with your crafty friends. They’ll love you for it.

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PS. If you don’t have lovely drawers like mine, this box works great for storing A LOT of stamps!

Now before you head away, make sure you pin this so you can find it easier later. You know you’ll need to!



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  1. I have to try this. You make it sound so easy. Thank you for sharing. I love your cabinet, can I ask where you got it from?

    1. It really is easy, and trust me, you will LOVE it. I purchased my cabinet from Ikea, but sadly I don’t think it’s one they make any more.

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